Boasting a 102" (2.6 metre) wheelbase and 24 inches longer than other British sports cars of its day, the XK120 rendered all the other contenders yesterday's news. It embodied a marvelous blend of spirited performance and William Lyons' dramatic, avant-garde coachwork. As if to underscore its place in the sun, cinema superstar Clark Gable purchased the very first Jaguar XK120 exported to North America!

We at Eagle bring our 20 years of replicar production experience to its zenith with our magnificent replicas of vintage British roadsters... the XK120 of the early 1950s and the SS100 of the late 1930s. We carefully manufacture our bodies using Eagle's exclusive custom laminating process, which provides for you the rugged construction and highest quality fit & finish that today's technology can deliver. The lights, grillework, windshield frame and other hardware items are authentically reproduced.



at left: The XK120G's comfortable and well appointed interior. Each door provides you with a spacious, carpeted storage compartment... lots of room for your maps and drivng gloves and other odds 'n' ends... and you have the choice of full leather upholstery and a burlwood sound system console.

Your Eagle XK120G is built upon our custom engineered box-steel chassis which boasts the identical, wide-track 102" wheelbase and 176" overall length as the original. As a benefit you get excellent legroom even if you're well over six-feet tall. You have a choice of Ford four cylinder, V6, or V8 power, with automatic or stickshift transmission. The long wheelbase and low center-of-gravity gives your Eagle Coach Work roadster replica the characteristics of the world-class British sports machine after which it was patterned.

We urge your to compare our sleek, steel-reinforced fiberglass coachwork, our structural steel chassis and Eagle's finishing touches: the dashboard of imported Carpathian elm burl---hand rubbed and finished with 28 coats of varnish--and the individually adjustable, fully-contoured bucket seats complemented with matching tubular trim and padded door panel... all available in genuine Argentine leather, if you desire. If you're willing to compromise just a trifle of authenticity for modern occupant entertainment, Eagle can provide you with an under-dash burlwood console to house your electronic sound system.


Like the original, Eagle's breathtaking SS100 replica boasts a 108" wheelbase, 12" (30.5 cm) Lucas-style triple-chromed headlamps, hardwood steering wheel, vintage-style instrumentation and genuine oak-ribbed running boards. It displays the same robust construction and painstaking attention to detail as our XK120... including hardwood-burl dash and contoured bucket seats.




at right: The SS100's hand-rubbed imported Carpathian elm dashboard and vintage-styled instrumentation.


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